Spring Means Send: 9 SMS Campaign Ideas for March
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Spring Means Send: 9 SMS Campaign Ideas for March

Brooke Andrus
February 16, 2023
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The ground is thawing, the mercury is rising, and your SMS calendar is popping off—well, it should be, anyway.

From International Women’s Day and March Madness to Pi Day and St. Paddy’s, there’s no shortage of reasons to text your subscribers this month. So, break out your bracket and grab your shamrock sunglasses—we “March” at dawn!

In this article (click to jump to a particular section):

  1. Women's History Month

  2. World Compliment Day

  3. International Women's Day

  4. Daylight Saving Time

  5. Pi Day

  6. March Madness

  7. St. Patrick's Day

  8. First Day of Spring

  9. National Puppy Day

Women’s History Month

In the words of Queen Bey herself, girls run the world—and March is the month we honor and celebrate the many ways women have impacted the course of history. It’s also a great opportunity for women-owned businesses to step into the spotlight.

If your shop is woman-led, consider sending subscribers a personal message from the founder to share your brand story. Or, give a shout-out to the women on your team and highlight some of their favorite products.

Want to spread the love even more? Pay it forward by calling out some other woman-owned brands you’d like your subscribers to support.

Here’s a lovely example from jewelry brand Bayou with Love.

Bayou with Love Women's History Month

And here’s one of their follow-up texts featuring another woman-run business, Habit Cosmetics.

Bayou with Love Women's History Month Follow-up

March 1: World Compliment Day

Who doesn’t like a little flattery every now and then? Lift your subscribers’ spirits by texting them something nice—and feel free to make your message extra sweet by including a little discount.

Or, try a conversational angle. Ask subscribers what kind of pick-me-up they’re in the mood for, and then serve them up a little personalized praise.

Here’s an example from the hype girls at Shine Cosmetics.

Shine Cosmetics Compliment Day

And here’s another one from GXVE Beauty.

Compliment GXVE

March 8: International Women’s Day

Double down on this month’s girl power energy with a text recognizing and celebrating International Women’s Day. It’s another awesome chance to highlight your brand’s women leaders and team members, other women-owned or women-led companies, inspirational women in history, etc.

Here’s one of our favorites from Three Ships Beauty. We love the heartfelt, personal vibe—it really makes this message feel like a text from a friend.

Three Ships Women's Day

This text from Yummy Extensions is a great example of a more sales-focused take.

Yummy Extensions Women's Day

March 12: Daylight Saving Time

What falls back must spring forward—and today’s the day we all lose an hour of sleep in the name of maximizing our use of solar energy (or something like that). Shoot your subscribers a text reminding them to reset their clocks and double-check their Google Calendars.

Does your brand have any products that enhance sleep or ward off tiredness? Now’s a great time to promote them—with or without a discount.

Collagen brand Native Path used this opportunity to promote their matcha blend.

Native Path Daylight Saving

Watch brand Original Grain sent a reminder about the time change and offered up an energy-boosting discount.

Original Grain Daylight Saving

Then, they followed up the day after the big shift to check in on their sleep-deprived subscribers and give them one last chance to shop their sale.

Original Grain Daylight Saving Follow-up

Clothing brand Woolx used the “extra” hour of daylight as creative inspiration for their Daylight Saving Time text.

Woolx Daylight Saving

And finally, beauty brand Kosas offered up a quick fix for the aesthetic effects of less sleep.

Kosas Daylight Saving

March 14: Pi Day

Did you know there’s at least one person on record who recited 100,000 digits of pi from memory? Shyeah—it took him more than 16 hours.

Feel free to share this trivia tidbit with your subscribers to mark this mathematical occasion. Or, simply play up pie-themed products, share your favorite sweet or savory pie recipe, or provide a pi-inspired discount (e.g., 31.4% off).

Here’s a cute MMS idea courtesy of 3D printing brand Slice Engineering.

Slice Pi Day

Death Wish Coffee riffed on the diameter theme to promote their Pi Day Mug.

Death Wish Pi Day

March 14: Start of March Madness

Not big on sports? That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the madness of college basketball’s marquee event. You can create an NCAA-esque bracket for pretty much anything—and invite subscribers to vote for the winners of each match-up!

This works especially well for brands with lots of different products. Run several voting rounds throughout the month, and reward participants with an exclusive deal on the product that defeats the rest!

Apparel brand Hypland scored a slam dunk with their “Merch” Madness giveaway promo.

Hypland March Madness

Pizza oven brand Gozney catered to the folks watching from home by sending out a classic gameday recipe.

Gozney March Madness

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Why did the leprechaun go outside?

To sit on his paddy-o! (Heyooooo! Sorry. Maybe luck wasn’t on our side with that one.)

Whether you hit your subscribers with a joke, a lucky discount, or a pic of your team rocking their greenest outfits, this is a fantastic opportunity to have some fun.

Hands-free shoe brand Kizik tripled their loyal customers’ luck with a St. Patrick’s Day-themed points offer.

Kizik St. Patrick's Day

Original Grain took a cue from us and went the comedy route with their own leprechaun quip.

Original Grain St. Patrick's Day

Electrolytes brand Greater Than built their St. Paddy’s campaign around a Wheel of Luck promo.

Greater Than St. Patrick's Day

March 20: First Day of Spring

Time to come out of hibernation, because spring has officially sprung! In addition to shedding our winter layers and spending more time outside in the sunshine, folks also tend to shed unnecessary clutter and refresh their spaces during this season.

Pop-up card brand Lovepop tapped into the spring cleaning theme with a text inviting subscribers to purchase soon-to-be-retired designs.

Spring Cleaning Lovepop

Candle and wax melt brand Happy Wax took a similar approach, but they upped the ante by making their sale a secret known only to their SMS subscribers. We love a good VIP play!

Happy Wax Spring Cleaning

March 23: National Puppy Day

TBH, it’s never not a good day to send your subscribers adorable animal content. But today is a particularly good opportunity to deliver a fluffy dose of serotonin.

Share a pic of your office dog or a pooch belonging to one of your team members. Or, invite subscribers to respond with photos of their dogs for a chance to be featured on your IG or in exchange for a special discount. (FYI: Unlike some SMS platforms, Postscript can accept incoming MMS messages, so you can collect UGC over text. 😉)

Here’s a fun interactive example from water bottle brand HydroJug.

Hydrojug Puppy Day

Want even more amazing ideas and examples to fill out your March SMS campaign schedule? Be sure to check out our full-year 2023 SMS Marketing Calendar. It’s packed full of awesome SMS inspo you can draw from all year long.

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Brooke Andrus
Brooke Andrus
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Brooke Andrus is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Postscript. A journalist by trade, Brooke now uses her nose for news to keep ecommerce merchants informed on industry trends and business best practices.