Sending All The Feels: 10 Examples of Great Holiday Greetings from Founders
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Sending All The Feels: 10 Examples of Great Holiday Greetings from Founders

Laura Serino
December 10, 2022
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There is one very important text that every brand should send before the end of the year: a simple thank you.

Now that you can take a step back from promotional messaging, this is a great time to put a face to your brand and send out a message of gratitude to your list—longtime, loyal customers and brand-new subscribers alike.

After all, if you can’t say it during the holidays—then when can you?

Send custie love

Although sending warm holiday wishes to all your subscribers is ideal, a dedicated note to those who have purchased from you before allows you to get more specific in your note. Here’s a simple greeting that beauty brand Three Ships messaged to their customers.

Three Ships Founder SMS Campaign

Share a personal pic

Jason Levinthal, owner of J Skis, frequently sends personal messages and photos to his subscribers. And Christmas morning was no different with this greeting from the top of the slopes.

J Ski's - Founder SMS Message

Surprise your subscribers

Not only do we get to see the faces of the founders behind essential oil and accessory brand Whimsy + Wellness, but we also truly feel their gratitude with their offer of a discount and some free surprise gifts. It’s an effective way to provide an incentive to buy while also also expressing genuine appreciation. 

Whimsy + Wellness - Founder Campaign

Make it short and sweet

You don’t text your friends and family members a novel when you want to send them some love, so it’s okay to keep a sweet sentiment to your subscribers short, too. Here’s a thoughtful note where men’s personal products brand Supply cuts right to the heart of it.

Supply - Founder Message - Postscript Blog

Show off your family

DBL Jewelry Family Selfie - SMS Campaign

A family selfie while packing up holiday orders is exactly what subscribers want to see when they’re opted-in to your brand’s SMS marketing. Not only does this create a personal connection—it also highlights your small-business roots. 

Sweetlees - Family Photo - SMS Campaign
Sweetlees Family Photo Continued - SMS Campaign

Sweetlees Boutique sent a nice end-of-the-year reflection to subscribers with highlights from the past year as well as a family photo and coupon code. SMS is all about being able to make space for these types of personal communications, and this is another prime example of a brand doing just that.

Show off your team

Team Photo - SMS Campaign Idea

We love a group photo, and we guarantee your subscribers will love seeing the team behind their favorite brand. This was also a nice opportunity for Route One Apparel to cap off the end of the year with some feedback from customers, many of whom are more willing to engage now that the holiday sales messages have come to a halt.

Send a New Year’s note

Here’s a simple New Year’s message from the founder of Rosebud’s Tees, along with a quick reminder of a sitewide sale. If you have a winter sale happening, don’t be afraid to promote it. After all,  consumers love to shop for themselves once the holidays are over!

Rosebud's Tees - New Year's SMS Campaign

Here’s another personal New Year’s message with a photo of Black Girl Candle Company founder Cassandra. 

Black Girl Candle Company - Founder SMS Campaign

And one more from haircare company Bask & Lather, which rang in the new year with subscribers.

Bask and Lather - SMS Founder Campaign

We have loved watching so many brands use SMS to truly connect and engage with their customers over the past year, and we can’t wait to see what some of the best ecommerce merchants in the world continue to do on Postscript in 2023! If you want to make this the year you really ramp up your SMS plan, don't miss out on downloading our 2023 SMS Planning Calendar right here.

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Laura Serino
Laura Serino
Senior Manager of Content and Community
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