🎉 New (Lower) Pricing 🎉

🎉 New (Lower) Pricing 🎉

March 4, 2020

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I hear it all the time: "I love Postscript. I love SMS. I just wish it was cheaper."

Though it’s only March, It’s been a busy year at Postscript. Our team has gone from just the three founders one year ago to eighteen full-time employees today (and we’re hiring!). We’ve grown to power SMS for thousands of stores on Shopify including brands like Native Deodorant, 310 Nutrition, Brooklinen, and many more. In fact, we’re now one of the largest senders of text messages in the country. And we’re just getting started.

One benefit of this scale is that our costs to send messages have come down. Now, if you’ve ever worked with us in any capacity, you know that we obsess about putting our customers first. It’s one of our core values, and our reviews speak for themselves.

So as our messaging costs came down, it lead us to an interesting question…. What should we do with these new savings? Should we pocket the margin and sail off into the sunset, laughing as we go? That's not really our nature. (There's no cell reception or SMS out at sea - what would we even do with ourselves?!?!?)

We put merchants and partners first - always. We want to enable SMS programs that are incredibly profitable AND additive to overall user experience. We think it's going to be the most important marketing channel of the decade.

That vision dictates how we build Postscript’s best-in-class platform. It’s aimed at helping brands deeply target subscribers based on user behavior. This in turn helps merchants send as few texts as possible, while deploying the right message at the right time. That may seem counterintuitive, but this approach dramatically increases revenue long term for e-commerce stores by: delivering higher ROI per message, fewer annoyed customers, and less unsubscribes overall (trust me, the data is clear).

So getting back to pricing (sorry, I buried the lead)... as of today, we are cutting our messaging rates across the board for all customers. All of these new savings are getting passed directly on to you, our customers. You've asked for lower pricing, and we delivered.

At the start of their next billing cycle, Postscript customers will see a 50% decrease in the cost per credit on the Postscript platform. The cost of a single SMS will now start at $0.01, with the cost per SMS decreasing with larger plans. Nothing else is changing - every plan still includes access to non-shared unique short codes and includes all carrier fees. You can view the new pricing in full here.

For those who want to discount even further, get in touch with your account rep or our sales team. We’re now offering further discounts for 6-months and 12-month commitments (totally optional, and the offer never expires).

We’re truly grateful to have amazing customers and partners that are helping us pave the way for a new marketing channel. You always push us to be better. Thank you for that. We so appreciate your business, and know that we’re always - always - here to help.


Alex Beller + The Postscript Team

P.S. Have questions? Feedback? Think you may be doing SMS wrong? (Hint: If you’re sending full list blasts with 10% off codes 3 times per week, you’re doing it very wrong, and squandering the most important marketing asset of the decade. The data is clear). If yes, email me: alex@postscript.io

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