Our Favorite Women-Owned Brands to Shop This Month (And Every Month)
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Our Favorite Women-Owned Brands to Shop This Month (And Every Month)

Ren Reed
March 8, 2024
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The Postscript team has the privilege of working with and learning about so many incredible woman-owned brands in DTC. So, we tapped our team to see what brands they’d recommend supporting this month (and all year-round). Browse, shop, and of course, subscribe to these brands' SMS programs! We vouch for every single one:


"Rellery makes beautiful, quality, everyday jewelry. I've worn a gold anklet and necklace from them for about a year now—in the shower and everything—and they look amazing!"

- Rally Stanoeva, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Rellery, a jewelry brand combining the words 'relationship' and 'jewelry', is rooted in the vision of its AAPI woman founder, Sally Rong. Rellery relishes in the artistry of storytelling through jewelry. What began as Sally's personal passion project in her New York City apartment has evolved into a thriving business, with operational headquarters now situated in Rhode Island.


"I have used Kopari products for years and years after a former boss raved about their Coconut Deodorant which remains a mainstay of my skincare routine. I also love that they give back to the community of small family farms in Davao, Philippines where they source their coconuts from!"

- Laura Serino, Content and Community

Kopari Beauty was founded by Gigi and Kiana, who envisioned a company dedicated to cultivating natural beauty from the inside out through exceptionally pure products, offering an escape to paradise. Using the natural powers of coconuts, Kopari remains committed to sustainable, natural ingredients that deliver on their promise to create spa-worth products.


"about-face encourages self expression in a really unique way, considering beauty an art form. They're also very inclusive of all genders."

- Ellie Carroll, Strategic Account Executive

about-face invites individuals to embrace their unique essence through makeup. Founded by the creative force, Halsey, the brand thrives on empowering users to redefine beauty standards and celebrate authenticity. About-Face isn't just a makeup brand; it's a transformative journey that encourages bold experimentation and unapologetic self-love


"I love Marlow! It's owned by four women and they send the cutest informative texts! They’re super community-based and provide accessible healthcare info and education to their customers. They use all-natural, organic ingredients, too!"

- Jessica Reyes, Principle Enterprise BDR

Founded in 2021 by four lifelong best friends - Simone, Harit, Nadia, and Kiara - Marlow emerged from a simple discussion around the challenges of dealing with periods. The initial dialogue evolved into a collective mission to revolutionize the way people experience their cycles. Marlow, through its founders, is dedicated to empowering the community to embrace freedom and playfulness regardless of the time of the month.


"Thrive has an awesome mission that donates products & funds to communities in need. Plus, I just love their products—they're super high-quality and effective!"

- Ellie Carroll, Strategic Account Executive

Thrive Causemetics operates with a mission to empower customers, employees, and Giving Partners, encouraging them to lead lives of confidence. The brand is committed to responsive giving, utilizing support to donate high-performance products and essential funds that contribute to the prosperity of communities. Every purchase from Thrive Causemetics makes a significant and meaningful impact.


Lotus & Luna is woman-owned/founded and they have a really amazing mission to pay, educate, and support their artisan women in Thailand!

- Ally Reyes, Enterprise Account Executive

Lotus & Luna is a tapestry of creativity and purpose. Rooted in the spirit of mindfulness and sustainability, the brand encapsulates the journey of founder Tina and her commitment to empowering artisans across the globe. Lotus & Luna is not just a lifestyle brand; it's a conscious movement that harmonizes ethical craftsmanship with vibrant designs. From ethically-sourced materials to empowering women in local communities, every piece tells a story of positive impact.


"FlutterHabit makes high-quality faux eyelashes. I've worn them to weddings and they feel way better than other fake lashes; very customizable and easy to apply, and they even have application support from their team!"

- Zoe Kazan, Customer Success Manager and Women’s ERG Co-Lead

FlutterHabit is dedicated to crafting top-tier beauty products at a pocket-friendly cost while fostering opportunities for women. Led by women in various departments, the brand exemplifies a fervent commitment to facilitating women's growth and prosperity. Every stride towards success at FlutterHabit is underpinned by the core values of encouragement, empowerment, and upliftment, embodying a collective ethos that transcends beyond mere beauty products to create a platform for women to flourish


"Topicals is so great! love their inclusive and non-traditional models"

- Simone Vermette, kSenior Customer Success Manager

Founded by Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng, Topicals is a testament to embracing skin conditions as a part of personal identity. The brand's transformative products and community-driven ethos aim to destigmatize skin conditions, creating a space where beauty is redefined, and everyone feels seen and celebrated.

We are always on the lookout for compelling, women-run brands that are making an impact and thriving! If you have a favorite of your own, drop us a line and we'll be sure to feature them. Happy Women's History month, and happy texting!

Ren Reed
Ren Reed
Content Marketing Specialist
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