It’s Gonna Be May: 12 Texts to Send This Month
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It’s Gonna Be May: 12 Texts to Send This Month

Brooke Andrus
April 12, 2023
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Brace yourselves for the JT memes, because May is upon us—and it’s packed full of opportunities to engage with your SMS subscribers.

Seriously, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are just the beginning. Read on for 12 texts to send this month, along with some of our favorite examples from brands that are crushing it on SMS.

May 1: Start of Mental Health Awareness Month

Though Mental Health Awareness month was established way back in 1949, there’s been a marked increase in demand for mental health services over the last few years. Furthermore, many mental health clinicians have reported worsening symptoms in their clients.

As mental health issues become more prevalent across the world, it’s important to continue spreading awareness, understanding, and empathy—and to remove the stigma those with mental health conditions often experience. That is exactly the purpose of this month-long observation, and there are many ways your brand can support this effort via text.

Send subscribers a message to check in on their mental health, provide tips and resources, or pledge your support of a mental health organization or cause.

Here’s a great example from watch band brand Braxley Bands.

Braxley Bands mental health

Beauty brand Glow Recipe took a more conversational angle, which we love! This ensures that the folks receiving their mental health-focused messages throughout the month actually want to consume that content. It’s a smart play for any month-long event or theme—and a great way to connect with subscribers on a more personal level.

Glow Recipe mental health

Let’s run through a few examples of the messages received by subscribers who opted in.

Here, Glow Recipe doubled down on the conversational angle with yet another response-based campaign that allowed subscribers to further curate the content they would receive.

Glow Recipe mental health keyword

Here’s a simple MMS featuring a rotating GIF with mental health improvement tips from Glow Recipe employees.

Glow Recipe employee mental health

And last but not least, here’s another MMS campaign with a GIF featuring employee pets—because we all know puppies and kitties are the ultimate mood booster.

Glow Recipe mental health pets

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May 2: National Teacher Day

We all had that one teacher who left a lasting impression on us and impacted our lives in ways they probably never knew. Take this opportunity to celebrate all teachers or give back to an education-focused organization—or share a personal story about your own favorite teacher.

Want to make it conversational? Ask subscribers to text back their own teacher stories.

Here’s a simple charity-focused example from clothing brand Soft Serve.

Soft Serve Teachers Day

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May 4: Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you!

It truly never gets old. So, if it makes sense for your brand and customers, send a fun text promoting a 4-hour flash sale. Or, make it interactive and ask subscribers to text back their preferred lightsaber color—BLUE for the Jedi or RED for the Sith—and reward responders with a special discount.

You could even harness your inner Yoda and write a text in his unique speaking style—like men’s clothing brand Twillory did last year.

Twillory Star Wars

Watch brand Original Grain also killed it with the Star Wars references in this short-but-sweet message.

Original Grain Star Wars

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May 5: Cinco de Mayo

For many of us in the US, Cinco provides an excellent reason to shake up some margs, nosh on some tacos, and fiesta the day away. But there’s actually a lot of history behind this Mexican holiday, so be sure to read up before you craft your campaign strategy.

Many brands go the recipe route for this food-heavy occasion—like pizza oven brand Gozney and rapid hydration brand Hydrant did with their Cinco de Mayo campaigns.

Cinco de Mayo Gozney
Cinco de Mayo Hydrant

Another classic Cinco play? Offering $5 off, like dog carrier brand K9 Sport Sack did here.

Cinco de Mayo K9 Sport Sack

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May 14: Mother’s Day

While Mom’s Day falls on May 14 this year, you should be texting subscribers about this major gifting holiday all month long (except those who opted out of Mother’s Day messaging last month, of course).

For example, you might kick off the month with a gift guide campaign like fragrance brand Snif did.

Mother's Day Snif

As shipping deadlines approach, be sure to remind subscribers to order in time to receive their gifts before the big day—like fine jewelry brand Julez Bryant did here.

Mother's Day Julez Bryant

And of course, there are bound to be some procrastinators who need a last-minute gift assist—so try offering up a gift card the day before, like coffee brand Wandering Bear.

Mother's Day Wandering Bear

Finally, be sure to celebrate all the mamas on your list when Mother’s Day arrives. And maybe even throw in a little discount they can use to treat themselves—you know they deserve it!

Here are a couple of great examples from clothing brands Woolx and By Egreis.

Mother's Day Woolx

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May 24: National Scavenger Hunt Day

There’s something so nostalgic about a good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt. Stoke up subscribers’ fond memories of chasing clues at summer camp by inviting them to participate in a virtual search. You could do this by asking a series of questions or riddles via text—or by simply hiding a special discount code or icon on your website for subscribers to find and/or use.

Here’s an example from Hummingbird Candle Co.

Hummingbird Scavenger Hunt

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May 25: Geek Pride Day

From comics to sci-fi and video games to fantasy, this day celebrates all the things we love to nerd out on. If it aligns with your audience, send a text in honor of geek culture. You could even share a fact or resource that your crew is totally “geeking out” over.

3D printer brand Slice Engineering opted for a conversational play, asking subscribers to respond with their “nerdiest” pop culture opinions. (Just remember that when asking for freeform responses, you’ll want to have a process for monitoring those incoming replies!)

Slice Engineering Geek Pride

T-shirt brand Feels So Good took this opportunity to highlight some of their geekiest pop culture designs.

Feels So Good Geek Pride

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May 27: National Sunscreen Day

Summer is so close, we can practically feel our sun-deprived skin sizzling after the first full outdoor day of the season. That’s why we’re big fans of this SPF-inspired occasion. If your brand sells any sun-blocking products—including hats and full-coverage clothing items—now’s a great time to promote them. Or, simply encourage subscribers to take some breaks in the shade or indoors.

Here’s a simple example from beauty brand Kosas.

Kosas Sunscreen Day

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May 29: Memorial Day

Today, we not only welcome the unofficial start of summer, but also remember those who have lost their lives in service to our country. As a brand, it can be difficult to balance the true purpose of this holiday with the fun often associated with the long weekend—so be extra cognizant of your audience as you craft your messaging.

This is also a big weekend for shopping and sales—which means subscribers will be receiving a lot of texts and emails from various brands and retailers. If you’re running any big deals, we’d recommend spacing out several reminders throughout the weekend—starting with an SMS-only early access message like this one from specialized hydration brand Greater Than.

Greater Than Memorial Day

Clothing brand Vapor95 got creative with their sale announcement, incorporating a weather-inspired “forecast” image with this MMS message.

Memorial Day Vapor95

Super Coffee fired off this sale reminder text mid-weekend to keep their brand top-of-mind.

Super Coffee Memorial Day

Watch brand Original Grain did a nice job combining a heartfelt Memorial Day message with a plug for their sale.

Original Grain Memorial Day

Opting to extend any of your deals beyond Monday? Be sure to let your subscribers know—and add to the urgency by telling them exactly how long they have to purchase, like can cooler brand Frost Buddy did here.

Frost Buddy Memorial Day Extended

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Other Texts to Try This Month

Summer Playlist

Nothing says summer like lazy days by the pool with your favorite feel-good tunes. Create a playlist of your summer faves—or crowdsource a selection from your employees—and share the link with your subscribers so they can jam out right alongside you.

Father’s Day Opt-Out

Father’s Day is coming up in June, which means you may be planning a series of texts promoting gifts for Dad. In acknowledgement that this day can be painful for subscribers who have lost—or who have strained relationships with—their fathers, provide an opportunity to skip any dad-related texts next month.

Conversational Vacation Plans

Summer break is on the horizon, and that means many folks are gearing up for trips and vacations. Try sending subscribers a conversational message asking them about their plans. You could even respond with product recommendations based on what they’re doing or where they’re going.

Looking for even more great ideas (plus TONS more examples) for texts to send in May? Be sure to check out our 2023 SMS Marketing Calendar. It’s got HUNDREDS of ideas and examples from real brands for every month of the year. Download it here.

Brooke Andrus
Brooke Andrus
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Brooke Andrus is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Postscript. A journalist by trade, Brooke now uses her nose for news to keep ecommerce merchants informed on industry trends and business best practices.