Introducing Postscript Sales
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Introducing Postscript Sales

Alex Beller
May 9, 2023
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Taking a potential buyer from consideration to conversion is the hardest part of ecommerce marketing—which is why we’re so hyped to launch a game-changing, first-of-its-kind SMS solution: Postscript Sales.

We’ve all been there before—whether it’s online or in-store:

  • Will this shrink when I wash it?

  • Is this real silver?

  • Should I wait to purchase—are there any sales coming up?

In a brick-and-mortar store, it’s pretty easy to find a sales associate who can answer your questions and direct you toward the right product. But online, you’re often on your own. Getting answers over email can be slow, and chat bots aren’t equipped to respond to super-specific questions.

Enter: Postscript Sales—the missing piece in ecommerce.

With this new offering, brands receive a dedicated team of real-life SMS sales associates who proactively initiate live, one-on-one text conversations with potential customers during that crucial consideration stage. Expertly trained on each individual brand’s products, audience, and tone of voice, these associates assist shoppers with questions, make personalized recommendations, and handle objections—helping shops boost engagement by 14x and increase conversions by 30% on average.

“We already know that SMS subscribers who engage in two-way texting with brands are four times more likely to purchase and four times more valuable than subscribers who merely receive texts,” said Alex Beller, Postscript President and Cofounder. “Automated, intelligent response branching—like the kind we provide with our message flow builder—does an amazing job of scaling conversational SMS and helping brands capture a lot of that value. But to unlock the full revenue potential of two-way engagement, we knew we needed to figure out a way for brands to have real-time sales conversations with all of the same context you’d get in an IRL human interaction.”

To ensure each sales associate truly understands—and acts as an extension of—the brands they work with, Postscript Sales customers are actively involved in building their SMS sales team. The team then works with the brand to understand their products and variants, study their FAQs, and develop a custom playbook.

Once a brand goes live with Postscript Sales, their team of dedicated US-based associates use purpose-built software to identify high-intent sales opportunities in real time—and proactively reach out to those shoppers via text to help move them toward purchase.

“Just think of all the people who land on your site, browse your product pages, but never make it to checkout for whatever reason—they aren’t convinced the product will work for them, they’re unsure which size or variant to order, the price is just outside of their budget,” Beller said. “With Postscript Sales, you have the power to address those reasons the same way a friendly, knowledgeable in-store associate would—before the shopper walks out the proverbial door. And you can do it in a totally human and authentic way. That’s huge.”

In addition to the lift in conversions and engagement, brands using Postscript Sales are already seeing increases to their GMV upwards of 10%.

Silicon ring brand QALO, an early adopter of Postscript Sales, has already seen a 32% increase in new subscriber conversions and a 5.7% increase in Total GMV thanks to these one-on-one sales interactions.

“This is game changing,” said Brittany Lima, Director of Retention Marketing at QALO. “SMS Sales is such a big part of how our ecommerce numbers have grown year over year. Hands down it has had a big impact.”

Check out the full story of QALO’s experience with Postscript Sales here.

Want to drive up to double your SMS revenue? Get in touch with our Textperts to learn more about our SMS Sales beta program and see if your brand qualifies.

Alex Beller
Alex Beller
Co-founder and President
Alex Beller is the Co-founder and President of Postscript.

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