Galentine’s and Groundhogs: 10 Texts to Send in February
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Galentine’s and Groundhogs: 10 Texts to Send in February

Laura Serino
January 17, 2023
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February might be the shortest month of the year, but there’s a lot happening over the next 28 days. In February we honor Black History Month, we find out how much longer winter will slog on, and we celebrate love in all its forms.

To get you hyped about all the sending opportunities on the docket this month, we’ve rounded up over 30 inspiring campaigns from last February. After all, we love to share the love.

Here's the holidays we'll be covering for February (click to navigate to a particular section):

Black History Month
Groundhog Day
The Big Sunday Game
Valentine's Day
Galentine's Day
National Random Acts of Kindness Day
National Drink Wine Day
President's Day
Mardi Gras
National Retro Day

Black History Month

The month of February is dedicated to recognizing the struggles and triumphs of African Americans throughout our country’s history. It is also a crucial time to reflect and act on the ways we can actively support the Black community. One way we can do this at Postscript is to shine a light on Black-owned businesses, including those featured here

Each year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History picks a theme for the year, and in 2023, this theme is Black Resistance. You can learn more about this year’s theme here

Join us in shopping Black-owned stores every month, but especially throughout February. If you’re a Black store owner, here’s some inspiration for celebrating with your SMS subscribers this month.

Black History Month SMS Campaign
Black History Month SMS Campaign - Golden Chic
Black History Month SMS Campaign - KG Beauty
Black History Month SMS Campaign - Run the World Clothing

Groundhog Day

February 2 | Oh no. Not this again. As we all await Phil’s shadow and the will-he-or-won’t-he moment of the year, this is definitely an occasion to have a little fun with your subscribers.

There were so many incredible campaigns that our PS merchants sent last year, but here are a few of our faves.

Groundhog Day SMS Campaign - Perfect DD
Groundhog Day SMS Campaign - Bite
Groundhog Day SMS Campaign - Huge Supplements
Groundhog Day SMS Campaign - Native
Groundhog Day SMS Campaign - Slice Engineering

The Big Sunday Game

February 12 | Some of us watch the game. Some of us watch the commercials. And some of us watch so we have access to wings.

Regardless of how you enjoy the most important Sunday in pro football, gamify the big game with a fun text to subscribers.

🏈 Poll subscribers to see which team they think will win.

🌮 Survey subscribers on the best halftime snack.

🥘 Ask subscribers to share photos of their gameday spread.

📺 Send out a link to a live watch party—especially if your team happens to be in it.

Big Game Sunday SMS Campaign - Little Roo's
Big Game Sunday SMS Campaign - Brotrition

And may the best team win!

Valentine’s Day

February 14 | This is a big deal for merchants. According to the NRF, Valentine’s Day spending reached $23.9 billion in 2022, up from $21.8 billion in 2021 and the second-highest year on record. That’s a lot of opportunity for marketers leading up to this loved-up day.

Whether you land on sale messages, gifting campaigns, or a poll on the best love song of all time (it’s obviously on The Bodyguard soundtrack), just be sure to keep the love flowing. Consider setting up a campaign for all subscribers who made a purchase during the holidays to try and increase those repeat purchase rates.

Here are a few faves from last year.

Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Feastables
Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Yummy Extensions
Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Kizik
Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Nulastin
Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Glass Ladder and Co.
Valentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Sonya Dakar

Galentine’s Day

February 13 | The origin of Galentine’s Day dates back to the TV show Parks & Recreation, when the day before Valentine’s Day was first touted as a friend-filled lovefest—a gal-pal alternative to traditional V-Day romance. The holiday is already over a decade old, and it’s become a central part of marketing messages since its inception.

In fact, some marketers focus their entire messaging around Galentine’s Day, completely ignoring Cupid.

Here’s how some brands celebrated last year.

Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Impeccable Pig
Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Snif
Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Sundrenchd By Jordan
Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Rhinestone Cowgirl
Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Gimme Beauty
Galentine's Day SMS Campaign Example - Nominal

National Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17 | Put a little pep in your subscribers’ step with a random act of kindness. We saved a couple favorites from last year to inspire you.

Jewelry brand Simple & Dainty gave away free earrings with any order over $50.

National Random Acts of Kindness Day - Simple and Dainty

Makeup brand Alleyoop opted for the ultimate show of kindness—free shipping on any order. Huzzah! 

National Random Acts of Kindness Day SMS Campaign - Alleyoop

If you don’t want to go the freebie route, take advantage of a conversational campaign and ask subscribers what random act of kindness they’ll be doling out that day.

National Drink Wine Day

February 18 | This might be the most exciting year for this holiday now that Postscript supports brands that sell alcohol. Clink!

But even if you aren’t a wine brand, this is a great opportunity to promote wine-adjacent products, like Daily Sale did.

National Drink Wine Day - DailySale

Niche Canvas took a similar approach and paired a glass of wine with some of their wine-centric art.

National Wine Day - Niche Canvas

Or, celebrate the occasion with your subscribers. Set up a virtual wine testing as a live event on your social channel and invite all your subscribers to raise a glass with you. We’ll drink to that!

President’s Day

February 20 | For many ecommerce brands, this is the first big sale of the year coming off the deeper discounts they offered during BFCM and the holidays. Consumers are expecting to see some big sales hit their inboxes this weekend.

If you want to join in on the sale bonanza, here’s some inspo from last year. 

Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Dr. Squatch

Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Vintage Boho Bags
Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Bones Coffee
Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Dash of Glitter
Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Shop Miss A
Presidents Day Sale SMS Campaign - Native Path

Mardi Gras

February 21 | You don’t have to be on Bourbon Street to feel the party vibes. Every brand from jewelry sellers (beads) to coffee slingers (necessary for the day after) can cash in on a little Mardi Gras humor.

Prep Obsessed launched their own party mailer to get subscribers in the Mardi mood. 

Mardi Gras SMS Campaign - Prep Obsessed

And if you’re lucky to be a Louisiana-based brand like clothing brand Sweet Baton Rouge, then laissex les bon temps rouler!

Mardi Gras SMS Campaign

National Retro Day

February 27 | American Girl dolls. Lite-Brite. Hanson. Strawberry Shortcake. The Limited. 

If any of these stir nostalgic feelings in you, then National Retro Day might be a perfect opportunity to praise your favorite throwback and engage in some conversations with your subscribers.

Create a flow that asks subscribers for their favorite nostalgic toy, trend, or fashion moment—and based on their response, guess the decade they were born in. 

Or make it an ode to your favorite throwback, like clothing brand Vapor95 did. 

Retro Day SMS Campaign - Vapor95

Feeling inspired yet? If you want to get an even bigger jump on your SMS marketing for next month and beyond, we recommend bookmarking our 2023 SMS Calendar, which you can access and reference every day, every week, or every month, depending on how you plan your sends. It’s free and full of inspiration. Get it here. 

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