Five Ecommerce Predictions for 2024
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Five Ecommerce Predictions for 2024

Ren Reed
January 5, 2024
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Curious what the brightest minds in e-commerce think might change in 2024? So were we. Luckily, we know a few of them. 😏 From evolving tech to changing dynamics in customer relationships, these are the critical shifts that Postscript partners anticipate in the new year and how your brand can capitalize.

Thank you to Triple Whale,, Sidekick, BAD Marketing, and Skio for chiming in with their trusted thoughts and helping us forecast another year in ecom!

Dynamic Popups Will Become a Must for DTC Brands

The popup landscape has made huge strides in the past year, so popups are something you should be leveling up. For example, mini quizzes work well and drive results far beyond the traditional 'micro yes' method. These quizzes ask visitors relevant questions, like "What do you garden the most?" or "How many loads of laundry do you do weekly?" boosting engagement and collecting valuable customer data that can inform your segmenting and messaging strategy. is leading the charge with popup innovation with its Figma-like platform, offering DTC brands full control to design exceptional popups. This approach not only increases opt-in rates but also enriches your customer insights, making an ideal choice for brands seeking to elevate their list growth with creativity and precision.

- Matt Cimino | Founder @

Data Will Strengthen Your Brand's Community

Building your community is only step one; engaging with that community is where the magic happens. To effectively engage your community, you need to understand where your customers sit on brand loyalty spectrum. Are they brand new, highly engaged repeat customers, or one-time purchasers you’ll never see again? The customer you already have is so valuable and important for many reasons, but primarily because you can tailor your messaging to manage that ad spend efficiently.

Leverage a Smart Customer Data Platform, like Triple Whale that allows you to create segments that can be analyzed for reporting or utilized for marketing purposes. Using the power of AI, customers can be organized into different buckets based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value. Knowing how your customers fall into these buckets enables you to use specialized marketing tactics to target them to make repeat purchases and keep your community engaged time and time again.

Allen Finn | Director of Marketing @ Triple Whale

Email Will Become a SUPER-Personalized Experience

Consumers are becoming more exclusive than ever with whom they let inside their inboxes. Blanket statements to promote products just won’t cut it anymore. Consumers will be loyal followers of brands that send them content that was crafted specifically for them. And it’s not just as simple as using a first name tag. From the design to the copy to the product featured, consumers want to feel like they’re getting a VIP experience. They want to see a product that interests them, receive content that adds value to their day even if they don’t make a purchase, and have emails they can engage with, emails that make them feel heard and like there’s a real person on the other side. Brands without a solid grasp on brand voice or brands unwilling to make pivots based on current trends and data could be at a higher risk for unsubscribes. The key to a healthy email list in 2024 is all about building solid relationships and trust across all platforms!

- Kelsey Carstens | Director of Email & SMS @ BAD Marketing

AI Will Re-shape Subscriptions

Applied AI is going to have a huge impact on subscriptions in 2024 by delivering better personalization, customer support, and marketing opportunities. As models get better, AI will continue to optimize at more granular levels meaning brands will have better tools to increase conversions, AOV, and LTV.

At Skio, we’re already implementing AI to transform how subscriptions work, beginning with Smart Upsells that use Bayesian modeling to generate personalized product recommendations. We’re weaving AI thoughtfully throughout our product so we can deliver the best subscription experience possible for both brands and customers. AI is in a position now to help us meet that goal, and more players in the space will follow suit. Three predictions for 2024:

1. AI-driven product recommendations will blow prior approaches out of the water.
2. AI-driven CX touchpoints will feel more human. For example, check out how Siena is driving ticket volumes down without customers feeling like they’re talking to a robot.
3. Effective AI-driven marketing engagement campaigns will see wider adoption, especially at the checkout stage. A great example is Rebuy, who use AI to deliver dynamically-optimized offers–like switch-to-subscription–based on customer purchase history.

- Kennan Davison | Founder, CEO @ Skio

Personalization is the Name of the Game for SMS in 2024

The data tells us that the more we leverage personalization for SMS, in particular, the more engagement and revenue the channel drives. As more brands adopt SMS, taking a more thoughtful and personalized approach is what will help brands stand out from the crowd. When I say personalization for SMS, I don't just mean the “Hi {first_name}!” we all see time and time again. Here are a few key opportunities in the SMS customer journey to leverage personalization:

1. In the post-purchase flow, let customers know that you know what they purchased most recently. Mention the last item(s) they purchased by name and then make personalized recommendations regarding what they try next.

2. For customers who are members of your loyalty program, dynamically include their point balance in abandonment messages. Moreover, if they already qualify for a reward, make sure you tell them!

3. Subscription-driven brands should send out personalized messages when customers hit notable milestones (subscribed for 3, 6, or 12 months). Even better, periodically include a small gift as a token of your appreciation for their continued support.

- Zac Cherin | Co-Founder @ Sidekick

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