Collecting SMS Subscribers in Facebook Messenger: Announcing our Partnership with Recart
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Collecting SMS Subscribers in Facebook Messenger: Announcing our Partnership with Recart

Corinne Watson
October 1, 2020
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There are a lot of absolutes in ecommerce — some cliché, some true.

It's no secret that competition is rising. Simply having a product that fits market demand isn't enough — which leaves retailers scrambling to find new ways to grow.

Innovative, successful brands have already found the solution. It lies in customer communication.

If you can find a way to connect with customers in as many channels as possible, without becoming redundant or annoying, you're already ahead of the curve.

One of those channels — perhaps the most obvious — is social media.

First stop: Facebook. The number of Facebook Messenger users in the US has steadily climbed year-over-year, with over 138 million users predicted by 2022.

For brands, that's a big slice of consumer pie. Brands have taken to Facebook Messenger to communicate with and service customers.

And as of today, brands using both Recart and Postscript can now collect SMS subscribers using Facebook Messenger in an easy and customizable way.

Here's how simple it is — using an example from shoewear brand Kizik. Plus, they use a Tom Hanks GIF which makes it even better.

I chatted with the brand on Facebook, and they quickly offered a 5% discount for my phone number.

Afterwards, I received a text and was subscribed to their list.

There's a clear path to purchase, right in the palm of my hand.

And get this: At the time of writing, Kizik had the integration live for one week. Out of 2,960 requests for phone numbers, they got 2,500.

That's an 84% conversion rate.

"Integrating Recart into our acquisition strategy has been a big win for us this year. It's now gone to a whole new level with the ability to collect and push subscribers to Postscript."

— Brett Swensen, Senior Director of Marketing at Kizik

This technique for collecting subscribers can ideally be scaled across any industry for any use case, whether you're simply offering a promotion, signing users up for a "VIP list", or even connecting with customers after they've ordered with status and shipping updates.

An effective SMS strategy involves using a mix of different collection techniques, from pop-ups, to keywords, to email, and more. Allowing customers to subscribe to your SMS marketing through Facebook Messenger is just one additional way to help connect your customers with helpful information, promotions, and support.

With Recart Conversation Flows, you have the option to ask for a visitor's personal information. With just a click of a button, visitors can submit their phone number to you.

In addition to connecting with customers with targeted SMS messages, they'll also become Facebook Messenger subscribers so you can target them there as well.

Get Started with Postscript + Recart

To learn more about adding Recart to your Postscript account to enable multi-channel success, visit our Help Center.

To get started with SMS, begin a free 30-day trial now.

Corinne Watson
Corinne Watson
Freelance Writer
After working at an ecommerce brand straight out of college, Corinne made the roundabout journey to leading content at BigCommerce, afterwards joining the Postscript team in March of 2020. When she's not researching and writing about all-things-ecommerce, she's exploring Austin, enjoying time with her kiddo, and not waiting for the dough to chill before putting it in the oven.