7 Super Text Campaigns from the Big Game
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7 Super Text Campaigns from the Big Game

Brooke Andrus
February 14, 2022
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While most of America had their eyes fixed on the big game (or the commercials!), we were staring straight at our text inboxes from kickoff to final play.

These brands scored major points with their championship-grade messages.

1. Bite

Our favorite sustainable toothpaste brand got cheeky with their lack of TV presence and invited their environmentally conscious subscribers to check out their entertaining TikTok content instead.

Bite Big Game

Funny apparel brand Friday Beers jumped on the Joe Burrow fan train and promoted a very timely tee the day after the Bengals clinched the AFC title and stamped their ticket to LA. That way, subscribers could get it in time for the big championship finale.

Friday Beers Big Game

Candle brand Homesick capitalized on a perfectly timed opportunity to promote their Tailgate Air Freshener to all the football fans who will be missing the smell of their favorite pregame pastime until next season.

Homesick Big Game

Men’s skincare brand Huron offered subscribers a chance to take part in a friendly wager—with the prize being a free bottle of body wash. Because this was a conversational campaign—meaning no product or discount link was necessary—they also capitalized on the opportunity to send recipients a link to some interesting reading material instead.

Huron Big Game

Hydration brand Hydrant sent one pre-game campaign reminding subscribers of how they could prevent a postgame hangover on Monday morning. Then, they followed it up with a gametime message giving folks one more nudge to rehydrate before bedtime.

Hydrant Big Game Pregame
Hydrant Big Game During

Healthy soda brand OLIPOP fired off two themed campaigns for the big game. The first was an interactive message asking subscribers to vote for one of two flavors: the most-ordered in LA or the most-ordered in Cincinnati (and offering a 15% discount to all participants).

Olipop Big Game Vote

The second was a campaign reminding folks that OLIPOP is available for fast same-day or next-day delivery via Ohi—and serving up the appropriate link so they could put in their last-minute soda orders.

Olipop Followup 1 Big Game
Olipop Followup 2 Big Game

Maryland-themed clothing brand Route One Apparel invited subscribers to bet on the outcome of the coin toss—then followed up with one of two messages based on whether they picked heads or tails (with both follow-ups serving up the same 20% off discount offer).

Route One Wager Big Game

Did you see any other super texts during football's biggest day? Share 'em with us on social!

Brooke Andrus
Brooke Andrus
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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