All The Fall Feels: 6 Texts to Send in September
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All The Fall Feels: 6 Texts to Send in September

Laura Serino
August 9, 2023
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September feels like a month of new beginnings: the first day of school, ushering in a new season and a closet of fresh fits from a Labor Day sale.

It is crucial to stay in touch with your subscribers over the next couple of months in order to keep them engaged and excited to receive texts from you once November hits. You can’t use SMS just during peak sales seasons anymore. The key to conversions and retaining a healthy list is by texting your subscribers. 

Not sure what to say? Here’s a few ideas of campaigns you can send.

September 1: College Colors Day

Show off some school pride with a campaign encouraging subscribers to wear the love of their alma mater on their sleeve.

Here’s a few that grabbed our attention last year. Roll tide!

College Colors Day - SMS Campaign - Impeccable Pig
College Colors Day - SMS Campaign - Riffraff

This day is all about recognizing and appreciating the multitude of animal species surrounding us—in our own environment and around the world. If you’re an environmentally conscious brand, share how wildlife habitat protection motivates you—or simply reveal some of your team members’ favorite animals (and why). Bonus points for donating a percentage of today’s sales to a wildlife-related cause.

September 4: Labor Day

Labor Day has come to be known as the unofficial end to summer—and a major sale weekend for shoppers in the US. And 9 out of 10 consumers may shop Labor Day sales, which is a crazy opportunity to make some late summer sales.

In fact, this is usually the last big sale before merchants are prepping for BFCM madness. It could be an opportunity for you to try new things (like a CashBack vs coupon code popup) or a fun campaign using response branching

Running a sale? We highly recommend scheduling multiple sends to announce and remind subscribers about it. Remember, most of them will be inundated with promotional messaging over the weekend, and if you only send one SMS campaign to your full list, you’ll probably get lost in the noise.

If you have a fairly large list, you might also consider segmenting based on subscriber attributes like products purchased, number of purchases, or geographic location. The more personalized your messaging, the more it will stand out.

September 4: National Wildlife Day

Not every brand participates in a Labor Day sale. And brand that don’t participate, might stand out even more. If you don’t do a lot of sales throughout the year, you could send a text in support of animals instead!

Some ideas could be:

  • A selfie of you getting out for a hike

  • Letting your subscribers know about your secret animal passion (birding, volunteering at a shelter)

  • Donating a percentage of today’s sales to a wildlife-related cause.

Here’s a cute one that My Bucket Journals sent out last year.

My Bucket Journals - SMS Campaign - National Wildlife Day

September 21: World Gratitude Day

What are you most grateful for? Besides family, friends, children—the usual suspects. 

Your customers! So it’s time to show them a little love.

And let’s not forget that although Thanksgiving is still a couple of months out, gratitude is a theme we can get behind all year long.

Show them how much you appreciate their business by offering a special deal or discount—or simply some heartfelt words of thanks. Another option would be asking folks to reply with what they are grateful for. We’re already getting goosies thinking about how emotional subscribers can get!

This is another great opportunity to collect some UGC and share your favorite responses on social media and ask for a photo response.

A lot of brands hopped on this celebration last year. Here’s some inspiration.

National Gratitude Day - SMS Campaign - Angry Orange
National Gratitude Day - SMS Campaign - Billy Footwear
National Gratitude Day - SMS Campaign - Super Coffee
National Gratitude Day - SMS Campaign - Topicals

September 22: First Day of Fall

Fall is a vibe.

The leaves are changing, there’s a nip in the air, and an explosion of all things pumpkin spice has taken over. And we love a basket of decorative gourds.

Fall makes people a little unhinged. There’s something about this season that makes consumers want to buy cozy items, ghost-laden gifts and anything that allows them to celebrate autumn in a big way. So take advantage of that and let them know what you’re offering.

To celebrate, fire off a conversational text with a list of fall-themed keywords and ask subscribers to text back their favorite thing about fall. This is especially fun if you’ve got your SMS Sales Associate at the ready—just waiting to crack a PSL joke and convert a sale. 

Happy fall, y’all! Here’s some campaigns we loved from last year.

First Day of Fall - SMS Campaign - Boxed Bowtique
First Day of Fall - SMS Campaign - Ellie and Piper
First Day of Fall - SMS Campaign - Jincys
First Day of Fall - SMS Campaign - Kahwa
First Day of Fall - SMS Campaign - Perfect Keto

September 27: National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Celebrate women’s health and fitness with this occasion—a can’t-miss opportunity if you are in the health or wellness space.

If you’re a woman-owned business, share your own health and fitness journey with your audience with a personal text.

Use this as an opportunity to promote another community—whether it’s a Facebook group or your own forum—encouraging women to have a conversation about what they do to stay healthy.

You could also send out a health-inspired product collection, workout playlist, recipe, or list of physical activities and exercises that support good health.

Or simply just remind subscribers to move today!

On that note, it’s time for us to browse Pinterest for some Halloween costume inspo and drink a cup of cider, because we are ready for fall. Speaking of ready—let’s get you prepped for BFCM with Postscript and Fondue. Book a call with us!

Laura Serino
Laura Serino
Senior Manager of Content and Community
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