7 Texts to Send in June
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7 Texts to Send in June

Ren Reed
May 17, 2024
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Sun's out, promotions out (not our best). Summer shopping officially kicks off this month, and Postscript brands always run the most memorable June campaigns. Sure, summertime sales are a given, but what about the context? What about the copy? What about the sauce that makes those campaigns pop? If you're in need of ideas or inspiration for your June SMS calendar, lather up in some SPF 50 because these examples are HOT.

June 1 - Pride Month

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing around Pride this month (or better yet, all year), but brands showing their support should consider some advice from the LGBTQ+ community.

First off, ditch the rainbow-washing. Partner with queer creators or teammates who can bring real voices to your content and campaigns, not the sanitized, corporate platitudes that most brands peddle out to check boxes. Above all, don't forget to put your money where your mouth is—donate, support, and advocate. You can work those giving initiatives into your campaigns and invite subscribers to participate as well!

For more ideas, advice, and education around Pride, join our 'Ally to Advocate' webinar and learn what it means to be working in tech and ecommerce from an LGBTQ+ perspective. We'll chat with two industry veterans about how to be an ally and how queer-owned brands can further promote their business and engage with their community. You'll learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid as your brand gears up for Pride month promotions. Here are some Pride Month texts that we thought hit the mark last year:

Pride - Wags and Weights

Wags & Weights

Pride - Crystal Skull Bling

Crystal Skull Bling

Pride - Messy Cactus Boutique

Messy Cactus Boutique

June 4 - National Cheese Day

We're all tired of "grate" deals, so let's leave the puns behind and think bigger: like cheese trivia or a "Cheese Your Own Adventure" SMS flow (okay, one pun) where subscribers vote on their favorite cheeses in a bracket. Or, of course, you can offer some irreverent giveaways – like a year's supply of cheese or a branded cheese grater (we should be charging for these ideas). Make it fun and make it cheesy.

Cheese - Mike-s Mighty Good

Mike's Mighty Good

Cheese - Cultures For Health

Cultures For Health

Cheese - Gozney


Cheese - turbogfx


June 8 - National Best Friends Day

This is the perfect holiday to share an embarrassing best friend pic or two from deep in your camera roll and kick off a UGC "Cringe Friend Pics" contest – winner gets a best friend date night on you. You could also create a "Which Iconic Duo Are You?" quiz featuring everyone from Shrek and Donkey to Laverne and Shirley, prompting subscribers to engage with a pre-written SMS flow. Or, when in doubt, launch two-for-one deals so that subscribers can surprise their friends with a gift. These brands laid the groundwork for us last year:

Best Friends - Elizabeth Grant Skin Care

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care

Best Friends - By Lilla

By Lilla

Best Friends - Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones

June 16 - Father’s Day

Here's a dad joke, courtesy of our resident Postscript dad, Sam Melnick (there are plenty of dads at Postscript, but Sam is Alpha Dad):

"My friend claims he glued himself to his autobiography. I don’t believe him, but that’s his story, and he’s sticking to it"


10 | 10 | 10 | 10 | 10

Father's Day is another sales staple in ecom, but it's always worth mentioning that an opt-out campaign may be appreciated by the subscribers who are sensitive to the subject. A quick, kind note offering a 'mute button' on your Father's Day messaging is always thoughtful.

But for the rest of your list? Fire up those exclusive discounts on dad-approved gadgets, grill gear, or whatever dads are into these days. Ask your customers for their favorite dad joke for a chance to win a special discount. Of all days to get clever with your copy, it's this one. Instead of "Our Father's Day Sale is Here!", make a personal and engaging campaign that encourages subscribers to respond. You'll get more clicks than Dad has made return trips to the hardware store!

Fathers - YeahBabyGoods

Yeah Baby Goods

Fathers - Sweet Water Decor

Sweet Water Decor

Fathers - Glitch


Fathers - Barberry Coast

Barberry Coast

Fathers - Organics Nature 1

Organics Nature

June 16 - The Tony Awards

Theatre kids, stand up. The Tonys are the oft-neglected step-cousin of the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys, but it's high time this celebration of the stage makes a bigger splash in our marketing. Since the nominated names and shows may not ring a bell for many subscribers, offer them some fun trivia or education around theater's biggest night. Better yet? Send an SMS the morning of the Tony Awards encouraging subscribers to watch the event—then quiz them the next day with a question only viewers would know the answer to.

June 19 - Juneteenth

Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in the United States and celebrates the freedom, resilience, and beauty of Black culture. Some marketers may feel a reticence to speak to experiences they have not had themselves, but that shouldn't stop brands from honoring the significance of Juneteenth! Here are some tips and examples:

The simplest way to start is by amplifying Black voices and stories in your content and campaigns—share the narratives of Black team members, creators, and leaders. Highlight your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, not just on Juneteenth but year-round. Consider hosting educational webinars or donating to relevant causes. If you're not a Black-owned business, partner with one to build collaborative campaigns or promotions. When you're unsure what to say, let those who are speak louder!

Here are some messages we loved receiving last year:

Juneteenth - BENTON 1988


Juneteenth - NaturAll 1


Juneteenth - Blended


Juneteenth - StackedArtistry

Stacked Artistry

June 20 - Summer Solstice

If you don't have an SMS scheduled for the longest day of the year, wyd? Schedule a somber goodbye to the sun as it sets and days begin shortening again, and offer your subscribers access to an exclusive solstice product or event. There's something about that once-a-year feeling that makes shoppers

Soltice - BKN

Beekeeper's Naturals

Soltice - Lotus Sky

Lotus Sky

Well, you've done it, reader. You've wrung us dry of June campaign ideas. Hopefully, these examples have helped recharge your May batteries and prepped you for a month of excellent SMS campaigns. Don't forget to join our Pride webinar, "From Ally to Advocate", for important conversations around supporting Pride as a brand. We'll see you there!

Ren Reed
Ren Reed
Content Marketing Specialist
Ren is a part of the content team at Postscript. He considers himself a writer and a filmmaker, but his trophy case remains void of Oscars. Until a golden statue takes up residence there, he'll continue creating for the fun of it!