7 Texts to Send in August
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7 Texts to Send in August

Laura Serino
July 21, 2023
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This month is giving big female energy. We kick things off with Sisters Day at the start of the month and end with National Women’s Equality Day towards the end. And although there’s not a ton of big holidays to celebrate in August, we are quickly ramping up to some big sale events with Labor Day next month and then…the BFCM countdown is on.

But until then, sit back and relax, because it’s still summer. And since National Beach Day does fall this month, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t skip out after scheduling some campaigns for the week, amirite? We’ll see you on the sand.

Sisters Day - August 6

Sisters have a special bond, and this day is the time to celebrate it. Ask subscribers to share their favorite sister stories or run a BOGO (buy one, gift one) sale so they can send their sister (or their friend who’s like a sister) a special gift to mark the occasion.

We’ve also seen brands run a sitewide promotion, like Rose Skin Co. did last year. 

Sisters Day SMS Campaign - Rose Skin Co

And the S'moo Co had a different approach to celebrating the term "sister". They used this as an opportunity to build community and show support for their customers.

S'Moo Co - National Sister Day

And shapewear brand Woman Ocean offered a discount from one sister to another.

Woman Ocean National Sister Day Text

International Cat Day - August 8

Cat people are a certain type of breed. And they love an opportunity to celebrate their beloved felines. Send a text asking subscribers to reply with their best cat snaps for a chance to be featured on your social channels and/or win a discount or prize.

Or maybe offer up a gift just for their fur baby like Make It Mine did.

Make It Mine Cat Campaign

And if you’re in the pet space, this is a prime opportunity to make a big event. We loved this entire campaign approach from tuft + paw last year. Not only did they offer SMS subscribers the exclusive scoop—they followed up with a customer testimonial and a sale offer. That’s what we call a purr-fect text.

Tuft and Paw National Cat Day SMS

National Book Lovers Day - August 9

This day celebrates all things reading and literature. It’s the perfect opportunity to run a non-sales campaign offering up a suggested reading list or asking subscribers to share their favorite titles for a chance to win a prize. Or, you could pose a book-related trivia question and ask subscribers to respond with their best guesses.

This campaign from Bath Daddy was a really fun approach to the day—offering a free order to engage in their guessing game. 

National Book Lovers Day SMS Campaign

National Relaxation Day - August 15

Deep breaths; it’s time to chill. Even if you can’t transport your subscribers to a gently swaying hammock or a beach cabana, you can offer up relaxation tips or playlists to help them find their zen. 

We could actually feel our shoulders soften after reading this campaign from Happy Wax. 

National Relaxation Day - Happy Wax SMS

And the thought of curling up under a blanket and just laying on the couch? An immediate ‘add to cart’ from Muslin Comfort.

National Relaxation Day - Muslin Comfort

National Dog Day - August 26

Ugh. Why are dogs just the best?

This one’s a no-brainer for pet brands, but pretty much every dog mom and dad loves the opportunity to brag about their fur baby. Send out a photo call for pose-ready pooches and share the best shots on your social channels—or reply with a special discount as a reward.

Not a dog brand, but still want to toss up an ode to your Old English Sheepdog? Send out a photo of your good boy or girl and ask subscribers to respond with their own—we support incoming MMS!

We love how creative brands got last year, like Joolies Dates:

National Dog Day - SMS Campaign

And Social Threads, by donating to the ASPCA: 

National Dog Day SMS Campaign

National Women’s Equality Day - August 26

This day commemorates the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. It’s a great opportunity for women-owned brands to share their founder stories or simply celebrate the women in their brand community. And if you’re a male-owned business, now would be a powerful time to step up and support your fellow female merchants in the space too!

A lot of brands chose to simply send out a message of support, like EDEN BodyWorks. 

National Women's Equality Day - SMS Campaign

And we love how Leaf Shave took the time to call out the important role of their female employees.

Leaf Shave - Women's Equality Day

National Beach Day - August 30

We’re clocking out as we write this to celebrate the joy of a beach day. A few ideas on how to celebrate with subscribers:

  • Send out a playlist of all the classic beach hits

  • Ask subscribers what their best movie beach scene of all time is

  • Tell anyone that’s currently on the beach to snap a selfie and send it in, rewarding all those incoming message with a discount code to shop

  • Link them to an IG live from your favorite beach and connect IRL

Happy summer, happy texting—and don’t miss our SMS Marketing Calendar if you want to get a jumpstart on September and beyond.

Laura Serino
Laura Serino
Senior Manager of Content and Community
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