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Conversation to Conversion: How Postscript Sales Generated $344K for The Earthling Co.

The Earthling Co. is all about creating extraordinary, safe, and planet-friendly hair, body, and home goods. When it comes to their goodies, customers tend to have a lot of inquiries before purchasing, which is why education has always been a cornerstone of the brand. But a dedicated sales team to clarify product questions and quell doubts? That is why they were eager to jump on the Postscript Sales beta train.

Sophie Baer, Marketing Director,  lined up to test Postscript Sales the moment she heard about it. She expected that hiring the Postscript team to build direct relationships with their subscribers would both catapult sales from SMS and further humanize the brand. Not only that, but it would give customers a personal line of communication with one of their favorite brands.



Attributed orders in 6 months


Increase in total store revenue


In attributed revenue in 6 months


Setting the Bar High (The Way We Like It)

The Earthling Co. had high hopes for their Postscript Sales beta test. Their primary goal? Drive incremental revenue from their existing customers. But they weren’t stopping there. They were committed to giving customers a top-notch, conversational encounter and boosting their engagement.  

“We weren’t actively supporting SMS because we didn’t have enough people to manage it,” says Sophie. “I felt like it would be better for our customers if they could just text us questions rather than having to email us.”

The additional perk of easing some pressure off of their CX team by diverting and resolving customer inquiries through SMS Sales would be a massive win. And with the support queue at capacity, it was a smart move.

Sophie Baer

Sophie Baer, Marketing Director

The Earthling Co.

“People want to feel like the value of their phone number is recognized and like they’re getting a real person and quick responses. So that’s one thing we wanted from SMS Sales. A quick response from a real person.”


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Onboarding Was Smooth Sale’n

Sophie says that “onboarding was quick and seamless.” even though there was a lot to cover regarding the do’s and don’t in their brand guidelines.

The SMS Sales team partners with each brand to create an agent persona that resonates with that brand’s vibe and that can speak to its audience effectively. We dive deep – what their name should be, what their personality is like, and even what slang and emojis they use. The Earthling Co.’s persona started as ‘Nate,’ but when we switched the persona to ‘Autumn,’ we noticed that their subscribers felt much more comfortable opening up in conversations.

The Earthling Co.’s not like most other ecommerce brands. They tend to shy away from promotions and focus more on the quality of their products. So they don’t use phrases like “act now,” “act fast,” or “limited inventory.” Instead, they focus on product quality.

Sophie challenged their Postscript Sales team “to not escalate discounts to close a sale, and to really engage the customer [and] explain the value.”

Postscript got to work familiarizing its sales team with the ins and outs of The Earthling Co.’s complete product line and brand–from the basics to the most esoteric nuances. And in anticipation of tricky questions or uncommon customer issues, they set up a Slack channel to quickly field any questions that came up with The Earthling Co. team. This let Postscript’s SMS Sales team stay in touch and get answers as soon as they needed them.

A Good Ol’ Fashioned A/B Test

We ran an A/B test with The Earthling Co. as part of the onboarding process to prove the incrementally of SMS Sales.

The A/B test was simple: a split test where 50% of new subscribers were put through Earthling’s existing SMS Marketing flows, and the other 50% went through the SMS Sales Flows. The SMS Sales team (Autumn) only engaged with subscribers who went through the SMS Sales Flows.

The science was sound! The A/B test demonstrated the incrementality of SMS Sales by revealing an 18.5% lift in new subscriber conversion rate and a 25.5% lift in subscriber lifetime value (SLTV). Plus, The Earthling Co. team was able to go into every single conversation thread and identify wording, information, and moments that influenced that particular sale. This level of insight proved invaluable as The Earthling Co. considered how it talked about its product to customers.

Sophie Baer

Sophie Baer, Marketing Director

The Earthling Co.

"The A/B test we ran proved to us that there was a significant increase in conversions with SMS Sales. In addition to that, we're able to deliver a better customer experience to retain more customers."


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Bottom Line: SMS Sales Boosts Engagement

Postscript Sales didn’t just drive over $380,000 in revenue in the first 6 months– it helped The Earthling Co. address their top customer objection around price. “Autumn” focuses on demonstrating value by educating customers on the ingredients and quality of the products they’re buying, quelling concerns around price, and building relationships at the same time. 

The one-to-one connection has really boosted customer engagement, and subscribers are consistently thrilled to find out it’s a real person on the other end of their text thread.

An unexpected but welcome effect of SMS Sales is the customer insights Postscript gathers through conversations. Since Sales Associates were asking customers why they hadn’t repurchased a product they previously bought, The Earthling Co. learned that most customers had a different repurchase window than what the brand originally thought. This data helped The Earthling Co. better understand repeat purchase windows and inspired new products like travel sizes and sample packs.


The Earthling Co. Subscribers Fall For Autumn

Sophie loves that “people can tell it’s a real person, and there’s a volley back and forth.” She knows that “texting is a different conversation. You’re in a feed with their best friends, their mom, their spouses, their partners. So you need to have a conversation that meets the medium you’re talking to them in.” 

Earthling’s subscribers have taken well to SMS Sales. They know and remember the SMS sales agent by name and even started texting in, unprompted, to say, “Hey Autumn, I actually had another question…”

Sophie says, “It speaks to the fact that we’ve created this really cool brand voice and agent persona that people are just chatting back without us even prompting it.”

Solution and results

Earthling is finally able to deliver the high-touch one-to-one SMS experience their team dreamed of and their subscribers deserve. Postscript Sales has helped them maximize the potential of SMS by driving sales and revenue while delighting customers. Plus, their CX ticketing queue is lighter, making a big difference for the Earthling CX team. 


attributed orders since launching with Postscript Sales


in attributed revenue since launching with Postscript Sales


lift in new subscriber conversion rate during A/B test


lift in subscriber lifetime value (SLTV)

Sophie Baer

Sophie Baer, Marketing Director

The Earthling Co.

“I would absolutely recommend Postscript Sales. Onboarding was quick and seamless for our team. It’s implemented well. Quite honestly, it’s not a lot of work for us to manage, which is lovely. It just frees us so much of our time so it really is a value add. Postscript is so committed to helping us.” 


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